Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sacha's first Ebay listing from France!

antique can / tin French boudoir de paris chic vintage eBay

Sacha and Brenda are now LIVE on Ebay together!

After hours and yes, many more hours...

we both need a sip of wine after that day...

Sacha's first Ebay listing is up and running!

How am I going to stop myself from buying everything?

Selling...we are selling together...keep saying that!

Although some of those hair pins in the second auction are MINE...
parisette antique hair pins bobby pins French boudoir de paris chic vintage eBay

So we put our heads together (figuratively speaking) since she's in France and I'm in Georgia...)

And we now have Boudoir de Paris on Ebay, Etsy and blogs!

My brain is very tired with new names and passcodes and shipping rates...
But of course I had to brag a bit before never looking at this page again today. :)
It will take a few hours for the listings to show patience please..


  1. It's like having a little Elf who does all the work when I'm asleep. :)
    Great new blog, great new joint-venture. It will be absolutely Fantastic!

    1. We're going to have so much fun! I've always wanted to be an elf... :)