Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Best thing about winter? Leggings!

What the first thing I grab on those first chilly days?

No fabric is safe from the legging pattern!

I have them in velvet, lace, rayon, cotton, you name it and it has been made into leggings.

I refuse to wear pantyhose. Ever. Never again. Do they even still make those?

Snugly socks, a pair of boots, leggings and I'm done for the winter!   

New Lace Fabric---Ruffled Romantic Lace Leggings or Tights - Cream - READY TO SHIP
Romantic lace leggings or tights are made from 4 way stretch lace with a soft ruffle at the bottom.
Under a wedding dress, tunic, as pj's or a sexy undergarment you choose how you want to wear these.

Poor Sacha has been waiting on her pair for...a year???...something like that!

I'm sorry darlin' you'll get a pair for Christmas! Promise!

I won't sell the ones I make you this time around. LOL

Thank you to my gorgeous model Whitney and photographer Greg!




Best thing about winter?