Saturday, October 6, 2012

Feather Bolster Pillows

French Bolster Pillow

From France:

Sacha has had so many requests for the Feather Bolster Pillows that we are going to list them for you.
We are always surprised when we run into such a cultural difference!
Something so very normal to her, is something very romantic French and unattainable to me.  
Not anymore!  I'll be having one of these on MY bed soon!
These are brand new. Pillow form ONLY.

A bolster pillow case is quite plain and simple, yet an essential item for that perfect French Made Bed. No real French bed goes without a bolster. Even hotel rooms often still have those laying on the bed and to be used, not the 'hard decorative ones'!
On the pictures it's filled with a standard French bolster pillow that has a length of 160 cm (63"). The sides are traditionally left as is: open and hanging down, not tied with a ribbon or something!


  1. Aah...I do have same feather pillows in my bed room with goose down duvet for the complete relax. These pillows are the perfect for the whole night's comfort sleep.

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