Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Best thing about winter? Leggings!

What the first thing I grab on those first chilly days?

No fabric is safe from the legging pattern!

I have them in velvet, lace, rayon, cotton, you name it and it has been made into leggings.

I refuse to wear pantyhose. Ever. Never again. Do they even still make those?

Snugly socks, a pair of boots, leggings and I'm done for the winter!   

New Lace Fabric---Ruffled Romantic Lace Leggings or Tights - Cream - READY TO SHIP
Romantic lace leggings or tights are made from 4 way stretch lace with a soft ruffle at the bottom.
Under a wedding dress, tunic, as pj's or a sexy undergarment you choose how you want to wear these.

Poor Sacha has been waiting on her pair for...a year???...something like that!

I'm sorry darlin' you'll get a pair for Christmas! Promise!

I won't sell the ones I make you this time around. LOL

Thank you to my gorgeous model Whitney and photographer Greg!





  1. Me to they are adorable and would go with so many diff outfits in my wardrobe. Very pretty.

  2. Im a big fan of my NoNonsense leggings but I really like yours too, Where did you get them from??