Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Surprise me! De-hoarding the Brenda and Sacha way!

So everyone knows that Sacha and I have started an Ebay store together, no surprise there!

My barkcloth listed!
I wonder if we are the first people to ever do this from different sides of the world?
Now that's a question for Ebay. And I have such a funny blog to write about the service call to Ebay to explain that!  But that's another story..maybe tomorrow?

Anyway...I was talking to Sacha last night...and it occurred to me that everyone probably thinks we plan out everything...discuss listing stuff...have a strategy...a plan...and I had to laugh.
I drag myself out of bed...get my coffee..turn on my computer...and Sacha is there...having wine and dinner and a relaxing bath, already having finished her day in France.

Our conversations usually start something like this...

Sacha: "How was work last night?  Is your rosemary plant still doing well?"

Me: "Still alive! It and me. :)  Did you list anything today?"
If this poor Rosemary plant lives, then lavender should too...right?

Sacha: "You know you can separate your rosemary now to have more?
  Yes, one of my favorite pillow cases!
 What are you going to list today?"

Me:  "I don't want more rosemary plants, I want your lavender!
 I haven't had enough coffee to decide about listing anything yet, I'll decide later.
 Oh I love your pillow case, I want it!"

Sacha: "No we're selling!!  Selling!  And I love the lace you listed..I want that!"

Me: No! We're selling..not buying..just say no!"

Sacha: "Here's my recipe to the Clafoutis you asked for.
I'm going to finish knitting my shawl, have a great day!
 Can't wait to see what you list while I'm sleeping!"

Me: "Me too! No clue. LOL
Thank you, you have a wonderful night.
Thanks for the recipe and say hello to hubby for me!"

And that's how Sacha and Brenda De-hoard!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

As always, I never know what I'll be getting into next.

This time it turned out to be a joint venture between myself and my friend in France!

We've always wanted to do something together, however the distance
obviously would be a challenge.

So we said "Ha! We say Phffttttt to that challenge!"

So now Sacha and Brenda are together at

And an Ebay store...

It's going to be interesting to say the least!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Famous French Porcelain

By far the most famous French porcelain, is the porcelain that comes from Gien. Gien is a city in the Loiret region of France. Almost 200 years ago Thomas Edme Hulm, an English industrial, decided to start a faience factory.

The 'faiencerie' got to be very well known for their copy work. They excelled in copying historical pieces that were very affordable.

Of course they made original pieces too. Either inspired by 17th and 18th century faience, the orient or talented painters.

Today, there are 227 employees in the Gien business and their tableware faience is mostly to be found in the upscale specialty shops. I particularly like their 'contemporain' Paris tableware:

They not only make the most beautiful tableware, but they make lamps, vases and other collectors items as well.

I stumbled upon Grand Marnier publicitary plates a couple of years ago. These little plates were mostly used in the bistro's to put peanuts on or to present the bill. They are very pretty and have a very romantic look, with a lovely couple and the red color. It's the kind of image that is to be found on Toile de Jouy.

When I picked up a plate, I was stunned to see that these were Gien plates. I mostly recognize the Gien work, for it's usually quite distinct.

Of course I had to buy them. I couldn't resist. And now that I'm seriously dehoarding, I've decided to put them all (but one:)) for sale in the Boudoir de Paris eBay store. They ostly sell for about EUR 12,= (approx. USD 15,=) a piece here in France, I've just listed one to bid on with a starting price of USD 3,99. A great chance to become the owner of an very Paris Chic original Gien piece!


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Brenda's first eBay listing from the US

As we've already said earlier: Brenda and Sacha are LIVE on eBay together! In the meanwhile, there's an Etsy account as well, although it doesn't have listings, yet and a blog. Yeah! I still can't believe this.

Every morning I wake up to yet another surprise of what Brenda has done. It feels like having an Elf who does all the work that needs to be done overnight. A Fantastic Feeling! :)

Now that the HTML layout has been made for the eBay store, we're starting to play with the banners and colours a bit.

Like the total change of colours on Brenda's very first Boudoir de Paris eBay listing: 7 very gorgeous Victorian calling cards.

calling cards boudoir de paris brenda sacha vintage victorian

And they are SWEET! I just love to fantasize about the stories behind those cards. They have such a history!

calling cards boudoir de paris brenda sacha vintage victorian

Brenda's calling cards can be found on eBay HERE

It would be nice to hear your comments on the change of colours on her listing, compared to the first banner and matching colours. 




We'll probably be experimenting for a bit. And don't be surprised if there will be a complete change of look in the near future...

To be continued!

This is all just so exciting.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

In The Beginning...

This year is my anniversary of a lot of things. Twenty years with my husband, fourty years on planet earth and ten years in France. That makes me be half a life with my man and a quarter of it living in La Douce France.
Does that make me half my husband and 25% French? I don't know. I just know that I am more "me" now than I was twenty years ago.

Moving to France was a step of Epic Proportions. Not only was there the "quitting a solid, very well earning job", a huge language barrier, to say the least, and the construction work on a 500 year old house that had been abandoned for almost fourty years.

To paint the pixels: the house had walls (very solid, 60 centimeter thick ones) and a roof. That was it. And when I say that was it, I mean that in the broadest possible meaning of the sentence.

No bedroom. No kitchen. No bathroom.
Ha! Eat this, Thoreau!

The one thing that I did have, was my husband. A whole lot of husband. As in "24-7-365" husband. And no possible way to avoid each other when doing construction work.

Oh well. We survived. As did the house. All of us came out quite a bit stronger.

While writing this, I'm soaking in my bathtub. One of the earthly pleasures I found that I could not possibly live without. Like Thoreau asked himself "what do I really need and what am I willing to pay for it?", I did too. And somehow, just somehow, enjoying a nice hot bath with fresh herbs and sea salt, doesn't feel like paying. At all.

Sacha, simply living.

sacha kay simply living french france country campagne

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sacha's first Ebay listing from France!

antique can / tin French boudoir de paris chic vintage eBay

Sacha and Brenda are now LIVE on Ebay together!

After hours and yes, many more hours...

we both need a sip of wine after that day...

Sacha's first Ebay listing is up and running!

How am I going to stop myself from buying everything?

Selling...we are selling together...keep saying that!

Although some of those hair pins in the second auction are MINE...
parisette antique hair pins bobby pins French boudoir de paris chic vintage eBay

So we put our heads together (figuratively speaking) since she's in France and I'm in Georgia...)

And we now have Boudoir de Paris on Ebay, Etsy and blogs!

My brain is very tired with new names and passcodes and shipping rates...
But of course I had to brag a bit before never looking at this page again today. :)
It will take a few hours for the listings to show patience please..