Sunday, August 19, 2012

Brenda's first eBay listing from the US

As we've already said earlier: Brenda and Sacha are LIVE on eBay together! In the meanwhile, there's an Etsy account as well, although it doesn't have listings, yet and a blog. Yeah! I still can't believe this.

Every morning I wake up to yet another surprise of what Brenda has done. It feels like having an Elf who does all the work that needs to be done overnight. A Fantastic Feeling! :)

Now that the HTML layout has been made for the eBay store, we're starting to play with the banners and colours a bit.

Like the total change of colours on Brenda's very first Boudoir de Paris eBay listing: 7 very gorgeous Victorian calling cards.

calling cards boudoir de paris brenda sacha vintage victorian

And they are SWEET! I just love to fantasize about the stories behind those cards. They have such a history!

calling cards boudoir de paris brenda sacha vintage victorian

Brenda's calling cards can be found on eBay HERE

It would be nice to hear your comments on the change of colours on her listing, compared to the first banner and matching colours. 




We'll probably be experimenting for a bit. And don't be surprised if there will be a complete change of look in the near future...

To be continued!

This is all just so exciting.


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