Thursday, September 6, 2012

Where did my cat naps go?

And what do I do on my day off from work?
 Talk to Sacha Kay and see what she's doing today. Drive her crazy with logo requests. ;)

 Pack, print, ship Ebay sold items.
My beautiful lace is going to China!
 Then list more items.Bottles today!
 Answer some Ebay questions. List items to our Etsy store. Wash linens to be listed.
 Hang up packing tissue in the closet with rose scented sachets.
 (Isn't that what everyone keeps in their closet?)

Did you see FOOD in that list anywhere?? 

Or a kitty nap???
Ah well, I need to lose a few pounds anyway and I bet there's a snoozing cat here somewhere.


  1. You're right. It's just Hectic. But so much fun. :)

    I'm still enjoying it every day. Accept for the nagging about the logo-part, that is... ;)

  2. LOL Well I'm not going to quit until it's perfect! Who knew I'd be so crazy about the simple part? Ha!